Thursday, March 26, 2009

Row Counter

I have been working on creating a needle work row counter. There are some lovely row counters out there such as the bracelet style and another style that works best with knitting that has multiple links on them...
I wanted something that would be easy to use with both crochet and knitting and could be contained with the project. I find bracelets cumbersome (I don't even wear a watch)
I came up with this...It is still in the prototype stages but I think that once I can get my friends at knitting night to give me some contructive critisism about it, I think I may have a winning pattern...

The basic premise is really quite easy, you move a small bead down every time you complete a row, then once you have all 10 small beads down you move down a large bead...then you either move all the small beads back up and start over or you can work in reverse for the next row and move a small bead up instead of down...

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